The Steering Committee of the Science Platform

The Steering Committee is responsible for the broad operational design of the research and other activities carried out under the auspices of the Science Platform. It consists of members from science, the business sector, and organised civil society. The Steering Committee formulates the programme of work and initiates work processes as well as networking with other parties in order to establish an effective and representative platform with strong ties abroad.

Drawing on insights gathered through formal exchanges and discussions on medium-term and long-term challenges for sustainable development in Germany, the Steering Committee commissions working groups on specific topics and projects, as well as initiating other organisational and implementation formats to achieve the goals of the Science Platform (e.g. topic-specific or event-related dialogues).

The Steering Committee accompanies and reflects upon these processes in its meetings and decides on measures for the further strategic, structural and organisational development of the Science Platform and assigns short-term priorities in accordance with the broader strategic focus of the Science Platform. The Steering Committee is also tasked with discussed and adopting the Platform’s official position papers, e.g. for the State Secretary Committee on Sustainability.

Thematic priorities in 2018

In 2018, the Science Platform’s activities were focussed on four areas (sustainable consumption, the future of work, global commons, and mobility) and three overarching thematic strands (dialogue with scientific advisory committees, mobilisation of science, Europe). These were identified by the Steering Committee as fields that both require and promise to deliver significant transformation gains within the context of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda 2030 by, with, and in Germany.

It is possible that further activities will be determined by the steering committee for 2018. Experts will bring together technical and sector-specific knowledge in various working processes to be discussed with the purpose of supporting the implementation of the German Strategy for Sustainable Development. The aim is to identify scientifically sound options for action on key problems and to provide impetus both for politics and society as well as for research and education.

Working groups are convened by the Steering Committee to address designated topics and consist of members of the Steering Committee as well as external experts. The groups approach their work as an ongoing learning process that will be continuously refined and developed further. The results of this work will be presented either in written reports or through focussed dialogue formats. These processes are supervised by the Steering Committee, which prepares position papers based on the findings of the individual working groups.

More information about the Science Platform

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