Visioning-Workshop: Future Generations and the Future of Work.


Teilnehmende des Visioning-Workshops

What do young people think about the working world of tomorrow? What are their hopes? What concerns do they have? How do they envisage a more sustainable working world? A workshop held in Potsdam on 17 June brought together 25 young people to discuss these questions and explore their visions of the working world of tomorrow.

Participants were particularly interested in these dimensions: the nature and organisation of work, the interaction of work and private life, and megatrends such as the digital transition and globalisation. In a first step, the participants discussed their priorities in these fields and made video clips in which they detailed their visions of the future of work.

In a second step, the participants identified opportunities and challenges around various aspects of work, including: self-actualisation, income and participation, education, health, the environment and resources. In their discussions, the participants reflected on the relationship between these aspects and sustainability issues. Following this, the participants prepared a second video clip in which they described their visions of sustainable work.

An in-depth assessment of the workshop is currently being prepared. The participants’ visions and other results of the workshop will contribute to the ongoing work of the SPS2030 working group on the future of work, including a follow-up workshop with experts focussing on quality criteria for sustainable work.

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