"Greater Cooperation Is Needed to Advance Sustainability"

04.06.2018 #

Berlin, 4 June 2018. “Greater cooperation is needed across science, civil society, and policymaking to advance sustainability”, urges to Patrizia Nanz, co-chair of the Science Platform Sustainability 2030. “Much is already being done in different sectors. However, a more integrated approach is needed to make transformations towards sustainability in, with, and through Germany a reality.” In saying this, Nanz underscores a central finding of the “2018 Peer Review on the German Sustainability Strategy” — a key report prepared by a group of international experts on the progress towards the implementation of the German Sustainable Development Strategy.

The report was presented in Berlin on 4 June at the 18th Annual Conference of the Council for Sustainable Development. The Science Platform is named in the report as a new implementation body, and its role was also the subject of discussion at the conference. “The Science Platform”, explains Nanz, “will strengthen dialogue and cooperation between science, policymakers and civil society, and ensure that the insights of science are fed into relevant political implementation processes systematically.”

The Peer Review acknowledges that science organisations in Germany are aware of their global responsibility and focussed on delivering the necessary insights. It also highlights the numerous civil society initiatives in Germany and the value of their contributions. However, the report stresses the need to “strengthen the interface between science and society” in order to “strengthen the solution capacity of the German Sustainable Development Strategy”. It also recommends that the German Government “jump-start the institutional architecture and re-energise its working modality” with the aim of enhancing the effectiveness of institutional bodies tasked with implementing the strategy. “As a new element in the institutional architecture for sustainable development, the Science Platform Sustainability 2030 is integral to this process,” emphasised Patrizia Nanz.

Founded in May 2017, the Science Platform Sustainability 2030 is integrated within the steering, dialogue and implementation processes of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The platform fosters research relating to sustainable development and seeks to strengthen dialogue between science, policymakers, business, and civil society.



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