An environmental economist by training, Konar joined the IASS in June 2017 as a senior research associate. Within the Science Platform Sustainability 2030, he contributes to scientific studies and other output formats and engages with stakeholders from academia, policymaking, the business community, and civil society.

Konar holds a PhD in economics from the TU Berlin and has more than 12 years of experience in research and applied policy analysis. Prior to joining the IASS, he was a researcher at the Institute for European Environmental Policy in Brussels, where he worked on nature protection policies in the European Union, with links to health and urban development, and on sustainable development strategies, including indicators to assess wealth and well-being.

Earlier, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, where he analysed how extreme climatic events are affecting coastal regions and communities. He also worked at the German Development Bank, supporting its climate change and climate finance strategy.

Konar has contributed to and led projects on sustainable development strategies and the economic aspects of environmental policy in a number of areas, including water resources, climate change, biodiversity, and natural resources management. He is also very interested in the application of behavioural insights in environmental policy, especially with regard to sustainable consumption.


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