The Science Platform Sustainability 2030 Annual Conference


When: 5–6 December 2019.
Where: Berlin – Umweltforum, Pufendorfstraße 11, 10249 Berlin

Registrations: via email:

The Science Platform Sustainability 2030 is hosting its first annual conference in Berlin on 5–6 December 2019.

The platform will present the findings of its work to date at the conference. Among other things, the German government will be presented with recommendations for the forthcoming update to the German Sustainable Development Strategy scheduled for 2020. An online consultation mechanism hosted by SPS2030 provides researchers from all disciplines an opportunity to contribute their views on the strategy through to 31 July.

The platform addresses pressing sustainability policy issues relating to a range of issues, from consumption and the future of work to mobility and global commons. By engaging in dialogue with political institutions, the business sector and society, the platform contributes to the implementation and further development of German sustainability policy.

The conference provides a space for transdisciplinary exchange and ongoing involvement with the platform through innovative formats to strengthen the political/scientific interface and discussion around topics that could be addressed by the science platform in the future.

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