Science for Sustainable Development

Humankind must overcome immense challenges if we are to create a sustainable future for current and future generations. Guidance, innovation, and cooperation will be crucial to the success of this transformation towards sustainability. And this is precisely where science can and must make a decisive contribution. The Science Platform Sustainability 2030 provides opportunities for science to shape our sustainable future.

The Research Coordinators of the Science Platform are SDSN Germany, DKN Future Earth, and the IASS

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The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for the broad operational design of the research and other activities carried out under the auspices of the Science Platform. It consists of members from science, the business sector, and organised civil society.

The Steering Committee formulates the programme of work and initiates work processes as well as networking with other parties in order to establish an effective and representative platform with strong ties abroad.

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Problem Scenarios and Topics

Key Topics

The Science Platform Sustainability 2030 addresses key issues around transformations towards sustainability where science can serve the needs of society. The platform currently brings together leading researchers with representatives from civil society, policymaking and the private sector in four working groups: Sustainable Consumption, Mobility, Global Commons, and The Future of Work.


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Creating Space for Dialogue

Strengthening international dialogue on sustainability issues is a key focus of the Science Platform Sustainability 2030.

Policymakers wishing to foster sustainable development must consider complex relationships between interlinking factors, grapple with diverse interests, and explore social, economic and ecological solutions in parallel. Research can play a key role in this process by providing orientation and opportunities for reflection through its diverse knowledge resources and approaches.


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For questions and suggestestions, or if you would like to participate: Here you find our contact details.


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